Monday, September 26, 2011

Sauteed Zucchini with Pecorino and Onions

I used to be a huge vegetable person growing up. I thank my mom for this as it was ingrained in my brain that a balanced meal was one that contained some kind of vegetable. When I went to college, I started eating meals that were cheap and fast like macaroni and cheese, Funions - fake fried onions, ramen noodles, baked potatoes with cheese and ranch dressing. I think most of us have done this at one time or another - maybe it's just when things are crazy at work or home and you don't have time to cook a good meal. We do the best we can at times.
Now that I'm older (and hopefully wiser...fake onions??) I do try to always have a vegetable with our meal. Sometimes it's because of guilt...that little voice in my head saying, you must eat your vegetables, you must eat your vegetables. But for the most part, I really do enjoy them. Zucchini is one of my favorites. I forget about it though and seem to eat mostly broccoli and spinach. Every now and then, I remember it longingly and venture out to buy some. I did this recently and ended up making a really tasty dish (that we've now had three times!) that I'm sharing here with you guys. Yes, I did add some cheese...and butter but at least we are eating our vegetables.

I could eat this by the bowl, all by itself. The key is to caramelize the zucchini. You may not be able to tell by the photo but if you let the zucchini brown a bit, it enhances the flavor even more. Kind of like caramelized onions. This dish has so much flavor, you won't believe it. With the sharp cheese, the sauteed onions and caramelized zucchini. So good! If you don't like zucchini, give this one a try. Even my husband liked it.

Sauteed Zucchini with Pecorino and Onions 

4 medium sized zucchini, washed and sliced 1/4 inch slices
1 yellow or red onion, quartered and sliced thinly
2 tablespoons grapeseed oil (can use EVOO)
1 teaspoon Nature's Season Seasoning (can substitute salt and pepper)
1 cup of finely grated pecorino cheese
2 tablespoons butter

In a hot saute pan, add the grapeseed oil and then add your zucchini, onions and Nature's Seasoning. Give them a quick stir to coat. Keeping your heat on medium, let the zucchini cook, stirring them every minute or so. You don't want them to burn, just brown. Cook for about 5-7 minutes or until slightly brown and soft. Reduce the heat if necessary if they turn brown and are not quite soft yet. When they're done, add the cheese and mix well. Turn off the heat and add the butter. Gently stir to combine. Serve hot!  Serves 4-6.

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