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Welcome to Two True Foodies! This blog is the creation of a mom and daughter that are obsessed with all things food. We created this site to share our recipes, food experiences, cookbooks, recommended blogs, favorite food sites and anything else that makes us hungry, with family and friends. Please join us for a food experience that will leave you hungry for more!

You can always come to our site for a new recipe but for an easier time of it, you can enter your email address on the front page (see the box near the top on the left column of the blog). Each time we post a new recipe, you’ll receive an email letting you know about it and the link if you’re interested in checking it out. Another way to stay connected is to become a fan on our facebook page, where I will always have updates of what we’re posting. Or, you can always just click on one of those cool new buttons at the end of each posting and register for our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter. But only if you want to. No pressure. You can cancel, anytime. Eat well, Amy & Janesse.


Growing up I loved helping my mom and grandmothers in the kitchen and learning they’re tried and tested techniques. Of course, the best part was getting to eat their delicious recipes. I was blessed in that they are and were great cooks and my inspiration for cooking definitely came from them.

I was lucky enough to grow up living in many different places in the U.S. and Europe and then by working in marketing, enjoyed traveling & eating throughout the world. As such I have experienced many different foods and cultures and love the variety of flavors that can be created in a dish. As with most families, there are those favorite recipes that always make an appearance on the menu when we are all together. This is one reason we decided to start this blog so we can share these family recipes and new favorites with you. Occasionally, we’ll pull one of our cookbooks out and cook up a recipe or two, sharing our only our favorites with you. Please let us know what you think of them and if you have any suggestions on how to make them even better. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy sharing it with you. Amy


Hi – I’m Janesse, Amy’s mom, and the other half of Two True Foodies. I would have to agree with Amy in that her love of food was probably heavily influenced by me and her grandmothers. Nothing makes me happier, aside from my husband, kids, grandkids and family than to grab one of my many cookbooks to read. They can, and have, entertained me for hours.

Food has always been a large part of my life. Growing up on a farm, my mom cooked for hired men, made homemade bread and cooked three meals a day which largely came from the garden they grew every year. Mom canned vegetables, pickled beets, pickles and made jams and jellies every year. We ate very well to say the least!

My dad raised sheep and to this day, even though he is no longer with us, it is hands down the best lamb you will ever taste. It’s like having a vegetable right out of the garden. No comparison to store bought! There were many years that we raised our own chickens, cows and pigs for eating which also meant fresh eggs, milk and cream. Mom grew up in a two-room house with 10 children and her mom and dad survived by producing all their own food. I believe this love of food has always been in the family, but it was necessary for survival with my grandmother and for many years, my mother. My mom continued to make fresh, homemade meals up until she passed away as she knew there was no comparison. I know I was very lucky to have had such wonderful women as role models. Mom passed away in March of this year at age of 85 and I have to say blessed us, her family, by showing us the importance of making fresh homemade food. We hope to share that with you. Janesse