TTF Tips

TTF Favorite Cooking Tips
  • When cooking savory dishes, use chicken stock in place of water to add more flavor
  • Be sure to let your meat rest when done for at least 10 minutes. It will be juicier and more flavorful.
  • Take your meat/fish out of the refrigerator 20-30 minutes before cooking to bring to room temperature
  • If you're trying to brown mean like chicken breasts, thighs, steaks, make sure your meat is dry - use a paper towel and blot it dry, then season it
  • When using a non-stick frying/saute pan, add oil before you turn the heat on. If using a stainless steel pan, wait until the pan is hot to add your oil
  • Taste, season, taste, and season. Make sure you season each layer of your food with salt and pepper. If you do, you won't need any at the table and your food will taste like your favorite restaurants
  • If you're cooking for a big dinner party, write out each step that needs to happen throughout the evening. This way if you get busy talking you won't have to worry about losing your step. Just look at your notes!
  • Don't fry with butter or olive oil. These are low temperature oils and should be used on your finished product. Try using lemon juice and olive oil on your salads. Always delicious...make sure you season though!
  • Eggs are best for you cooked on low heat
  • Use fresh herbs to brighten up cooked dishes. Add them after the dish is cooked otherwise they loose their freshness. When in doubt as to which one to use, chop up some parsley and sprinkle it on top. The more you use them, the more you'll love them. Trust me.
  • When you bring herbs home, wash them and let them dry a bit. Take a paper towel and dampen it with water. Wrap up the bundle and put in a ziplock bag and refrigerate. 
  • The first time cooking something, follow the recipe. The next time, make it your own and add different ingredients that you like.
  • Use salt to clean beet juice off your hands. Salt, rub and rinse.


  1. Went to an Asante dinner catered by Amy and it was AMAZING! Tuna tartare appetizer was to die for, and the slow roasted beef tenderloin and salmon with dill topping was so good I begged to take some to go. What an impressive 6 course menu we had! I haven't eaten that much or that well in years. Now, I am so looking forward to trying some of the recipes at home. Oh! I can't forget to mention the cocktail's and wine we had. They made a cucumber lilikoi martini that you can't resist. I plan to serve to guest asap ~ perfect for a summer afternoon. Thank you again Amy for a memorable meal and a wonderful evening. Laura Pedersen

    1. Thanks for the very nice comment Laura. SO glad you guys had a good time and enjoyed the food. We had a lot of fun cooking and getting to know you all. I'll be posting all the recipes I used over the next few days so stay tuned. Take care!


    2. Your food is Great during anytime
      Seth Baker